Fairy Bubbles

pomegranate and hibiscus herbal tonic to replenish and uplift the body, bringing joy and lightheartedness to the soul


Flavor profile

Pomegranate and Hibiscus blend for a sweet and succulent flavor that will make your mouth water; taste is lighter and more of a juice than an herbal infusion. 


Non-GMO, organic and sustainably sourced: Love, Filtered Water, Hibiscus, Pomegranate Juice, Colorado Honey, and Lemon Juice.


How it Compares

Fairy Bubbles is the most simplistic of the Potions, making it a great introduction to the experience. It is more of a juice than an herbal infusion, which makes it a great option for kids (they love it!) & individuals who enjoy a lighter flavor profile.

Intended Effect:

Bodily Effect (physical level): Replenish and Uplift

Energetic Effect (soul level): Joy and Lightheartedness 


Health Benefits:

  • Replenishing, uplifting, hydrating

  • High in antioxidants and Vitamin C

  • Balances blood pressure and boosts immunity

Energetically charged:

  • Flower Essence: Infused with Fairy Rose Flower Essence for a clear and open heart, unconditional love, joy and peace.

  • Sound Frequencies: Brewed to the sounds of Baby Laughter & Wind in Trees

  • Gem Essence: Rose Quartz for unconditional love.


How to enjoy:

  • Enjoy right out of the bottle (hot or cold)

  • Celebrate with mocktails

  • Blend into smoothies

  • Add steamed alternative milks for a Fairy latte 

  • Use as a healthy, mindful cocktail mixer


Mindful Cocktail Mixer:

  • Pairs best with Vodka or Gin

  • Also pairs well with Tequila, Mezcal, Whiskey and Bourbon  

  • Pro tip: Add a splash of soda water to get a bubbly effect 

Craft Cocktail Recipes: