Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar

food, drink & community to nourish you from the inside out

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Sustainable, local, seasonal and organic farm-to-table ingredients from the Front Range. Kitchen scraps are composted to feed the animals and soil at local Boulder farms.

Shine Restaurant and Potion Bar


100% Gluten Free and Non-GMO kitchen, featuring healthy paleo and vegetarian options. Everything is made from scratch, right here in our kitchen, with a whole lot of love.

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Potion Bar

Our Potion Bar features craft Potion cocktails, mocktails, steamed lattes and seasonal Potions not available in-stores. Join us for Magic Hour and get inspired!

Fairy Bubbles Cocktail Potion Bar
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family operated

Shine Sisters, Jessica, Jill and Jennifer infuse all operations with love - food and drink is crafted from the heart. Meet the Shine Sisters…

Shine Sisters Boulder
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Enjoy Gluten-Free and Paleo-Friendly recipes from our restaurant kitchen to your home with our Eat. Drink. Shine. Cookbook! Learn more…


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Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar

2480 Canyon Blvd

Boulder, Colorado 80302

(303) 449-0120