yerba maté and ginger based herbal tonic for energy and focus


Flavor profile

Yerba Maté, Apple Juice and Cinnamon blend for an energizing and complex flavor profile that comes on sweet and citrusy, and finishes with a kick of fragrant Ginger spice.  


Non-GMO, organic and sustainably sourced: Love, Filtered Water, Apple Juice, Honey, Lemon Juice, Ginger Root, Yerba Mate, Nettle Leaf, Astragalus, Cinnamon, Maca, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean Extract, Liquid Chlorophyll 


How it Compares

Owl Eyes is an herbal-infusion Potion, incorporating herbs and adaptogens to provide a healthy energy drink. Maté, Chlorophyll, and functional herbs leave you feeling nourished and balanced rather than jittery or crashing. Ginger lovers rejoice, as Owl Eyes features a nice Ginger kick. 

Intended Effect:

Bodily Effect (physical level): Energy and Focus

Energetic Effect (soul level): Clarity and Presence


Health Benefits:

  • Nourishing herbs provide sustained energy, focus, stamina and vitality

  • Powerful adaptogens relieve stress and anxiety, boost immunity and aid digestion

  • Chlorophyll oxygenates cells and deliver minerals

Energetically charged:

  • Flower Essence: Infused with Clary Sage to support clarity through the head and heart, so that you can see, hear, feel and know; assists in envisioning your life’s purpose, desires, and next best steps to support your path, and day to day experience. 

  • Sound Frequencies: Brewed to the sounds of Owl Hoots and Waterfalls

  • Gem Essence: Rose Quartz for unconditional love.


How to enjoy:

  • Enjoy right out of the bottle (hot or cold)

  • Celebrate with mocktails

  • Blend into smoothies

  • Add steamed alternative milks for an Owl latte 

  • Use as a healthy, mindful cocktail mixer


Mindful Cocktail Mixer:

  • Pairs best with Tequila (or Mezcal) and Whiskey (or Bourbon)

  • Also pairs well with Vodka and Gin

  • Pro tip: Heat up the Potion and add spirits for a warm delight

Craft Cocktail Recipes: