Meet the Shine Sisters

triplet sisters on a mission

We are triplet sisters with an intention to spread love, inspire connection and awaken consciousness through nourishing food and drink. Our passion for culinary arts and holistic nutrition have led to our founding of restaurants and nourishing community for more than 20 years.

We have crafted Shine Potions from the heart with the intention to nourish you from the inside out so that you can SHINE from within. Our herbal tonics are full of love, reminding you that you are never alone. Everything you need is already inside of you. Shine Potions are simply an invitation and a reminder to tap in. The Magic’s In You.

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sister stories


“The Nourishing Healer”

I am the youngest of the three, as well as the most organized and even-keeled of the bunch. I consider myself the nuts and bolts. You can find me sipping on some Three Laughing Monks to help balance out all the wild energy and gusto needed in the restaurant business. My greatest practice is to navigate the wacky waves with a sense of humor.  

 I have been Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer at our three restaurants, Trilogy Restaurant and Wine Bar, Shine Restaurant &  Gathering Place, and Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar. With a degree in Elementary Education, I act as a bit of a mother hen to the Front of House team. I am enchanted by the hospitality industry as a beautiful art. I believe in the power of deep listening, connecting with our Shine community, and getting to know what makes them smile. 

On my life journey,  my body has healed wonders through food. I’ve learned to live as  Hippocrates would advise, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I discovered the power of food to heal my body, mind and spirit in a way that is nothing short of magic. Having experienced physical and personal transformation in using functional food “as thy medicine,” I am now committed to sharing this magic with the world. 

Each one of us holds this superpower in our own hands. The superpower to team up with our food, to work with it, to heal ourselves, and to celebrate life with food. Celebrating food as thy medicine unlocks our inner magic, to nourish, balance, transform and awaken ourselves from the inside out. 

I live in Boulder with my fabulous and supportive husband Eck, who is continually keeping the cosmic laughter alive and kicking.


“The Enlivened Dancer”

I am the middle of the three sisters and you can say,  the instigator of the bunch.  You can often find me dancing like nobody’s watching and sipping on some Owl Eyes and tequila in the evenings. 

My purpose in life is to inspire people (including myself) to connect with their hearts and dig deep into their souls to share their gifts and passions, unleash their inner magic, and SHINE from within.  I believe that feeling good in our bodies is vital to living an inspired life, which is why my passion lies in the magic of Shine Potions and expressive movement. 

I have a dual-degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management, and have always had a passion in bringing people together - building community over food, libations and movement. As a dance teacher, I am enchanted by the power of music - from healing sound frequencies to inspired beats, meaningful lyrics and transformative movement.

Music is alchemy and movement is vital - and when shared together in community, we raise the collective vibe of the planet. I can’t think of a more important place to focus my time, effort and love. 

I have been Co-Owner and Chief Magic Officer at our three restaurants, Trilogy Wine Bar & Lounge, Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place, and Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar. My focus is on the Shine Potions, community outreach and magic activation for the greatest good. In service to enlivening others, I feel awake and alive; I am inspired daily by our opportunity to uplift and inspire others through food, drink, movement and community. 

My hubby Steve thinks I am a real live Fairy and I absolutely dig that about him. You can find us out exploring the world - climbing mountains and dancing the night away.


“The Culinary Fairy”

I am the first born, alpha of the three.  I have always been enchanted with energy and how it plays into everything, from how we treat one another to the food that nourishes our bodies.  I love crafting our Shine Potions with functional herbs and energetics to support inner harmony.

Energy is all around us, shaping everything that we are, from how we interact with one another, to what we say and feel. We must nourish our bodies with high vibrational food and drink to awaken the magic within. 

I have a dual-degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management and  a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition and Metabolic Typing. I am also a certified Reiki Practitioner.

These culinary and therapeutic trades help me to nourish myself and others from the inside out. I have been Co-Owner and Executive Chef at our three restaurants, Trilogy Wine Bar & Lounge, Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place, and Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar.

Food is our fuel and we are what we eat. Our food literally becomes us!  I take great responsibility in using only the best ingredients to support energy, digestion and assimilation. I relish in the wonder of food as energetic alchemy, and create Potions with the intention to pass that good energy along.

I have two beautiful daughters who are very much Fairies in their own right, and continually remind me to tap into my imagination - magic is everywhere!

You can often find me with my daughters and hunky Czech husband drinking Fairy Bubbles on our back porch in Boulder taking in the glorious mountains and experiencing the fairies flying around in the trees. 

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